Monday, May 10, 2010

Shut a group of people up and stay asleep

From Ankit's Mother's day note -
My mom is amazing at doing anything. She can cook, drive, sing, clean, stay up, (and on the other hand) stay asleep, teach, comment, criticize, deduct, strategize, spy, care, lecture, explain, manipulate, remind, discipline, shut someone up, shut a group of people up, plan, entertain, run, and in result catch, play, hide, seek, and a whole bunch of other stuff that your current moms CAN’T do.
I may have been advertising how great my Mom is to you, but here is one thing: YOU CANNOT HAVE HER! She is my mom and nobody else’s. There is no way that you can get to her, and if you do, I will unleash my full array of ninja moves on you!