Monday, August 20, 2012

Games on the playground

It is the first week of school. I happened to be there in the afternoon to volunteer and while waiting I chanced upon a group of first graders playing an organized game on the field. The game seemed simple - everyone scattered around and then the teacher said "I want you to form groups of " and people formed those groups. Most came together in groups of the right number but there would always be a groups of the 'leftovers'. Leftovers - people that did not want to join a group, or be with boys/girls, or just cling to their best friend. However I kept seeing her tell them that no one won and they were all out. After two rounds I listened more carefully - the rules were -

1. Everyone had to be in the right count group or the whole class was out. So if the group number was five then everyone had to be in a group of five else noone won.
2. It was not - in groups of five, she always said in a group of at least five.

It took a couple of rounds for someone to suggest that they form one big group and they'd win. Simple.
Nice way to get the class to work together and be inclusive.

Ek Chidiya Anek Chidiya