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The International School of Bangalore (TISB) – review and a field trip with the pre-kg class

Ankit and Ashvin at school
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Ashvin goes to TISB as a pre-kg student. This is the youngest class in the school. We sent him their because it is the school Ankit goes to but are very happy with the decision. He gets onto the school bus with Ankit and we get updates on him via his brother, it is easy and convenient for us but to add to it the school has proved to be good too.
Ashvin’s class is comprised twenty children cared for by three teachers and an assistant. It is a bright cheerfully decorated class with a circle time rug in the center and areas for reading, building, eating etc. There is a big sandbox and a playground where they are taken to twice a day.
Lining up for a field trip
His day begins with a bus ride at 7:35. School starts at 8:10am and ends at 1:15pm. His bus drops him home by 1:40pm. On the bus all the little ones are kept in the first few rows, buckled up and overseen by a teacher or some assistant. There are three school buses from TISB to our community but all the little ones are kept on one bus. During the day in school too they are well chaperoned. Ankit smiles when he tells us how the pre kg class walks holding hands guarded by teachers on both ends and the commotion caused by Ashvin breaking the chain by running towards him.
They have been learning phonetically and do a lot of drawing, coloring and real life learning. The teachers are well trained and seem to really enjoy teaching these kids. My questions about places to take kids or what to do with Ashvin after school hours have been responded to in great detail. Besides that there is a parent teacher diary that Ashvin takes to school daily that helps keep communication flowing.
PlayGround at Jerry Marten Farm
I had the pleasure of joining his class on a recent field trip and got to spend the whole day with his class and teacher. The whole process was very similar to the field trips I went on with Ankit in US. They were counted again and again, given their school hats and then taken to the school bus. Everyone was buckled and counted again. A little speech on treating farm animals nicely was given and a short bus ride took us to Jerry Martin’s farm. At the farm there was the usual running around, feeding farm animals (and in the case of one kid the want to feed on the ducks, sheep, rabbits and pig – he wanted to eat everything). They sat and had snacks provided by the school and then played on the monkey bars, swings and see-saws. At noon they were herded back into the bus and driven back to school.
Lunch in the dining room. TISB
At this point I joined them for lunch which consisted of both Indian and continental options. I was impressed by the food – I went to a boarding school and our food was nothing like this. They even had oranges and Indian sweets for desert. They were not expecting any parents at lunch so I can honestly say that the food there seems to be good (it is always vegetarian for lunch, boarders that stay there have chicken and meat during dinner). Post lunch there was a short play time in the sandbox, some running around,  followed by a farm animal story time (with lots of animation and sound effects).
I had had my concerns about what an Indian school for a preschooler would be like and I must say that this school is at par and in some cases better than a preschool in the US. They have a good learning style, plays that kids participate in from an early age, swimming classes, field trips, caring teachers and a secure campus and classroom. Price wise it costs almost the same as a mid-range Seattle preschool (very expensive from Indian standards for a preschool) but it does have a 5-1 student teacher ratio and above all Ashvin loves going there.

Lunch Menu to that day

View of playaround outside classroom TISB



  1. Hi, thanks 4 the review. It was helpful as my husband and I were planning on moving back to India with our kids aged 8 and 6.

  2. Glad you found it usefull appleone :)

  3. i,
    I came across your blog as I was searching for comments on TISB. I am planning to move my son who is an 8th grader in an International school in Africa to B'lore, preferably TISB or INDUS. the comments about both these schools in some of the blogs are very nasty. As a hands-on mom at TISB and who has been with TISB for a year, how do you see the school now. I would really appreciate your opinion and am keen to hear from you.
    Warm regards

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  10. That's a great post to read on the field-trip from your school in Marathahalli Bangalore.

  11. Hi, im planning to.send my 10 year old to TISB. Reason i want yo send her that she is not doing good not because she is not good in.studies. she is good until i sit with her and make sure she is doing her home work or preparing for test but if i dont keep tab on her she wont do nothing and get failed. She doesnt have sense of responsibility at all. Everyday we have same routine but i have to remind her eceryday for everything. I have tonworry about her hime work, shower, changing clothes, keep dirty clothes in laundry and you name it. Most of all whenever she has test she would forget to bring that particular book and study guide to home and than i have to go to her class mated house to get the material and prepare her for test. Im home staying mom and habe 2 more daughters but they are conpletely opposite of her.
    Im worried more now cause she is turning 10 year now and she has same pattern as much as i remembered when she started KG.
    She constantly need push and im afraid what if i wont be around godforbid. Would she not worry about her studies her future?
    I dont want her to be a mediocre child or person when.growing old.
    Sending her to boarding school, would help her being responsible and decipline? Or its a bad idea? Any suggestions anything that can help me.decide to take approach which is best in her intrest.
    I forgot to mention that we live in US and i cant send her boarding school here cause i dont want her to adopt white culture all.the way in her life. Sending to TISB would keep her close to our desi culture and ethics.
    Anyone can help me suggeating what needs to be done in this situation.

    1. It's been almost a year now, what did you do then?

  12. Hello, Great post, thanks. We are considering sending our 3 year old to TISB for Pre-kg. However, I am concerned about the commute. How did your boys (esp the younger) adjust to the commute? Also, how are the buses? Thanks,

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  17. HI Mallika,
    Very helpful read thanks for the information. We are thinking of moving back from Seattle too. Our first choice is TISB but again we are concerned about the commute. Also what is the student to teacher ratio in TISB?

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