Friday, July 15, 2011

God – what does he eat?

God - as seen and drawn by Ashvin.
He - God-  is behind the cloud.
There has been a sudden interest in God by Ashvin. It started with him gently prodding me. “Where were people borned from before there were any mommy’s and daddys?” He sneaked this in slyly one night as I was putting him to bed. I looked confused so he clarified “All people are born in houses to Mommy’s and Daddy’s, but before there were any Mommys and Daddys how were people borned?” I was stumped for a bit (read "Why are moms dumb" to understand my dilemma).  I tried to buy some time and said I’d look it up and tell him in the morning. Then I heard him whisper “God”. “What?” I asked, “God” was a matter of fact reply. I felt cheated. I did not know I could use the God card.
Ashvin joins his dad many a time in folding his hand in prayer. He is respectful in temples but we had never had a God discussion before. I am not religious but do value God. I pray when I am scared – recite the Lord’s prayer that was ingrained into me in my years at a Christian boarding school.  I ask him to get me to places faster when I am running late. Twice on a rocky plane ride I think I said “Sorry for all I have done” under my breath. But I can’t explain God and I really do not believe enough to be strongly convinced in presenting any theory.
That night I let God slide in and since then he has been featured in many a conversation. What does God eat? Why is he transparent? Does he always live above the clouds? I don’t want to remove God from his life but I also don’t know how to tell him stories from Hindu mythology and from the Bible when I know I will get more questions. I also have Ankit listening in to add to the grilling. These are the times I wish I was actually religious and convinced about some Godly stance.
But, In a way I am glad he sneaked God into our lives cause it is much easier to explain many things to a pre-schooler – pregnancy, love, evil, why he can’t get all the toys he wants – when you have the God trump card J
And, what does God eat? I flipped the questions to Ashvin – “Nothing” he said. Makes sense. We eat all the stuff we offer to God. Never seen even a nibble gone.

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  1. You should tell him, God is a human mutant. :)

    I've always thought God is just a symbol of our faith in that things will go right when they wrong. :)