Saturday, July 16, 2011

He doesn't like Mushrooms

Some eight years into my marriage I was cooking up some mushrooms for myself - little butter and little salt and pepper and a big smile on my face. Peeyush walked by the kitchen and picked up his plate of food. It was missing mushrooms. I loaded them onto my plate and joined him for dinner. “Where are my mushrooms” he asked. “You don’t like mushrooms” I replied. “What???” was a rather shocked reply. He likes mushrooms a lot and somehow in the past seven years based on some comment I had decided that he didn’t. I mean there was more for me so I had not thought too much into it but was living with a false assumption.

So now, when one of us makes an assumption about another – you don’t like those kinda pants, movies, phones, actors, actresses, weather, country, car - one of us quickly squeaks up the word mushrooms.
Just goes to show you can be living for a long time with someone and not know them. And you don’t even have to be on them magic mushrooms to do it.

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  1. Very true
    In fact research shows that long standing couples have more misunderstandings as they make lots of assumptions about each other :-)