Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Even KFC can do some things right

I walked into KFC at Forum Value Mall today (don’t judge me – this post is not about me J). I knew exactly what I wanted so I walked over to an open counter and while squinting at the crazy offerings on the display board ordered. A hand politely waved at me. The person taking my order smiled at me, and pointed to his badge, then motioned me to point at the big hard board menu in front of him. He moved his hand over his ears and mouth indicating he was deaf and mute.

I must admit I was slightly taken aback – this is very unusual in India - but in all politeness I kept my face straight and found what I wanted in the card in front of me. While I paid and waited I realized that all the people in five order stations wore the same badge. The order was taken and filled in no time at all.

As I sat down to eat I realized I had forgotten to ask for water. Back at the order station I could not find any water on the menu card in front of me. I was wondering whether I should point to the soda fountain or try a drink gesture. Reading the confusion on my face the guy flipped the menu over and pointed to the drink selections. He obviously was used to confused people like me.

KFC does a lot of things wrong but this is one thing I must say they are doing very right. Highly impressed and delighted by their initiative.


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