Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First take and review of Monkey Maze at Marthahalli, Bangalore

I had seen Monkey Maze many times on my drive over to WhiteField. It falls almost eye level on the left as you come off the bridge after Marthahalli. Today I finally took my four year old to it.

Monkey Maze is located above Pizza Hut, next To Purva Foundation Square. It is a huge, airy and well lit space. It has a nice play gym with slides, tunnels, climbing net walls, a ball pit and trampolines. It is not a huge gym but big enough for ten to fifteen kids to play comfortably in. Next to the gyms are toys of all sorts – kitchen supplies and soft foam puzzles and a few toddler entertainers like swings and push cars. In front to the gym is a café selling coffee, chips and juice. Lots of little tables and chairs near the café make it look like an ideal place for a kid’s party. At the other end of the huge space are a few book shelves with toys for sale sorted by age. The collection is not intensive but is interesting and there are a few puzzles that I plan to pick up for an eight year old from there.

Price Structure:
Rs 100 for 45 min of play
Rs 150 for 1hour of play + a cup of coffee + a drink (slice) + a pack of chips
Rs 200 All above + a surprise gift.

I took the Rs 150 package. While I paid Ashvin attacked the jungle gym. I joined him in there for a bit but the presence of other kids and a really helpful supervisor let me escape for my cup of coffee. I spent the rest of the time looking at their ‘store section’, taking photos, making faces at Ashvin and looking through their party packages.

The one in Marthahalli seems to be work in progress. Half the area seems to be undergoing some remodeling but this is shielded well and not obvious unless you walk around  and peek. It looks like a promising space with a lot of potential. Once they have more traffic and staff hopefully they will get regular pottery and other classes going for kids.

If Ashvin were to write the review I am sure he would say it was awesome. He had fun, so much fun that when his one hour was done he want  more time. As he is the one that matters at the Monkey Maze I’d say they have a good thing going and will see us back soon.

2ND Floor, Above Pizza Hut, Next To Purva Foundation Square, Varthur Main Road, Marathahalli, Bangalore - 560037
Phone:                 +(91)-(80)-40957631      
Hours of operation: 11:00 am - 08:00 pm everyday

Birthday Package details (please email them for the most up-to-date) please take a look at - http://kindazesty.blogspot.com/2011/09/monkey-maze-birthday-party-options.html


  1. Love your posts as a parent, I myself returned from US after 9 years.

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  3. Mallika

    Am going thru most of your return to India posts and schools in Bangalore.Informative and well tabulated...succient details.Where does your younger one go to school?Is Greenwood High run by NPS group?What is your opinion on them?

  4. Hi Shilpa,
    My little one goes to TISB - mainly as his older brother goes there. So far we have really liked the school. I have heard good things about Greenwood but never visited them or looked too much into it.

    Glad you like my posts :)

  5. thanks for the write up. i took my 2.5 yr old son on sunday and he had a blast. I had read ur article b4 i planned to take there

  6. From which age group does this place suit? I am planning to take my 1.5yrs old daughter here. So what facilities/activities do we have for 1.5yrs children?

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