Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leaving Microsoft and climbing other mountains

After almost 10 years of being at Microsoft I am quitting. Quitting sounds harsh so I will say leaving. I am leaving Microsoft today. It has been quite a journey. Most of it rather wonderful. It is the only place I have worked so I have nothing to compare it with but with all the fun I had there I guess I lucked out.

I remember being the "I am sorry” girl. I walked into offices apologizing, sorry that I was there, a newbie, not knowing anything, intimidated by everyone and everything. Then I met people who mentored me and taught by example. I learnt from the best and the worst. Learnt what to be and not to be. I grew up there.

There are days I felt extremely stupid and days I wondered how some people had made their way into this great company. I cried at work a few times but laughed at work way many more times.

Microsoft is an amazing company, it does not just build software, it builds people too - you get educated there, you learn you can change disciplines and be anything you want to be as long as you work hard and are passionate about it. It hires the most diverse set of people and teaches you to respect and value diversity.

Over time I will have more posts of my time spent there but today I am overwhelmed by all the mails coming in from people I worked with. I am proud to have worked there.

In the coming months I will trek up to Everest Base Camp and get a plan going to climb Kilimanjaro. I will volunteer and then work on a startup and try to gain an identity that is not all about me working at Microsoft but I know I will be forever happy that I did work there.


  1. Really nice. Wish you good luck.

  2. It was always fun working with you Mallika and I wish you best of luck in all your endeavors. And what do you know .... Maybe someday you will plan on returning to Microsoft and Lync :-)
    - Aditya

  3. Ditto Mallika. It was a great experience working with you. I remember a colleague scaring me that you were a tough Lead and I should be afraid of you. I surely want to laugh at the person's comments, after working with you. You were a great lead in teaching & helping with doubts. And I am glad I was not scared of approaching you ever for doubts. And above all, you were a good person to help me out in my situation, when I joined your team. I wish you all the luck in your future endeavors! And looking forward to your upcoming posts! :)

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  5. I am leaving the hospital I have worked in for the past 5 years, never worked anywhere else before and I feel exactly the same. You have put it in words so much better than I possibly could, hmmm maybe you are the smarter one.

  6. you write very well. so true - Microsoft helps you grow, its an institute.