Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Sleeping Yogi

I am glad Yoga is a non-violent activity else I am sure the instructor would have killed us. Peeyush, my mom and I went for the group yoga session at a resort this weekend. Peeyush was still jetlagged from his recent trip and it was a nice warm afternoon. The moment the words "Let's try deep relaxation" were mentioned I started to giggle. It was more like a stifled giggle as I had just had a deep discussion with the Yoga instructor and told him how hard it was for me to relax, meditate etc. I really wanted to be a good student and attain some sense of yogaish meditative goodness.

I stifled my giggle and tried to concentrate on my breathing and on following the instructions. Then he snored. It was not like a loud snore but the deep relaxed slightly loud breathing that lets you know one is asleep. I smiled then dug my nails into my palms so I would not laugh. It was so hard to relax. For me that is. Peeyush had attained ultimate relaxation. The next ten minutes were agonizing. I heard my mom cough to cover up her laugh as I squeezed every muscle in my body to keep my giggles in.

I was so happy when the 'relaxation' was over. Our sitting-up woke Peeyush and he sat up looking all refreshed, smiling and very pleased with the nap he had relaxed into. Needless to say he chose to do the morning 6am Yoga session in the room, on the bed, where “Peeyush Yoga” is done best.