Sunday, February 13, 2011

Have experiences that make memories

Boulder Outdoor Survial School 2010
Last year Peeyush had read about how experiences are better than material goods (with respect to things you spend money on). They give you more satisfaction and happiness long term. It had sounded about right to me so we had planned trips and dinners based on this philosophy. Last night, at dinner with some amazing friends, this ante was upped - have experiences that make memories.
You can have lots of experiences but not all of them will make a memory. Something - good or bad or funny - has to happen for that moment to be etched into a memory. So the next time you are planning something for the weekend or have a trip coming up try making a memory.


  1. i totally agree with this philosophy. so now instead of buying stuff for the kids, im trying to take them to more places. they have enuf stuff, but who knows which experience will create lasting memories.(good one, i hope)