Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Musical Mutiny - Customer Support in India

Ashvin insisted he go for a music class as Ankit goes for one. The music class was in a building very close to where we live and run by a couple that hired some music teachers. It was the only music school around and was very conveniently located. I did not have much trouble signing him up and paid up for the six months like they asked. In January the classes stopped suddenly. Ashvin was sad and I was surprised. The reason was they did not have enough kids for the class. Almost overnight 90% of the parents had pulled their children from the class.

I was very curious about the happenings at the music school - was it some inappropriate behavior, a health hazard? I was out of town most of December and January so had missed it. Chatting up the neighbors I found out that there had been a meeting at a neighboring house. It appears that the person running the place had let the success go to her head. Customer service had deteriorated and she was not being nice to most parents. The ask for six months of tuition in advance was also not appreciated. So a covert meeting was called and mutiny ensued. The music school was boycotted.

While I was growing up in a small town in India I encountered many a rude shopkeeper and if someone had a monopoly in town and was nice to you they were ranked pretty high on the Mother Teresa scale.

Back to the music school - It sucks because it was right around the corner and I am a lazy mom. It sucks because now I have to entertain him musically at home during Ankit's class. It sucks because I obviously missed an entertaining meeting where I am sure I would learnt a lot and had more spice for this post. The only non-sucky part was seeing that lack of customer service is not something people - even in India - are willing to sit back and take.


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