Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All Set for Everest (Base Camp)

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” – Edmund Hillary

Very very excited right now. I have signed up for my much longed for Everest Base Camp trek. The other really nice part is that it is through Childreach International - a charity that helps children in developing countries. I am lucky to have a supportive spouse who constantly indulges me and family members that fly in to help with the children when needed.


When – 13th May to 27th May

The trek is 11 days long. We spend a day in Kathmandu getting ready and then going to a few of Childreach's Projects on our return.



Why I want to do this is the question I am asked the most. If it is just for a Himalayan trek then the Everest Base Camp trek is supposedly overhyped. There are treks that are way less commercial, less crowded and more beautiful. I do want to trek in the Himalayas but what I really want from this trek is to meet some people just before they take off on their quest to climb Everest. I am a people person. I love energy and being around passionate people (one reason I loved working at Microsoft). I don't think I will ever climb Everest but I want to feel that the excitement and the fear. I want to feel all the emotions.

And I must say I need a nice long walk in a cooler place than Bangalore. Darjeeling and then Seattle have ingrained a cold fondness in me.



That is what I am feeling right now J (excited and scared – time to go run in the gym and shed off all the laziness accumulated sitting on the beach all of last week)





  1. malika, I am doing the Mount Kilimanjaro climb in late May. I am also as nervous as it is a 6 day trek, but one climbs almost 20000 feet. Hoping teh fitness holds up.

    Good luck on the climb.


  2. Nice Srini. Send me details as Peeyush and I plan to do it around Oct... Have fun :)

  3. Definitely .. we(me and madhuri) did the safari tour almost 8 years ago. Now I am getting an chance to go to tanzania again for a conference, so adding Mt Kilimanjaro to the trip(doing it alone).

    Of course I have spent about 4 years of my teenage years in tanzania, so have some fond memories of that place.