Sunday, April 10, 2011

True Love – Eating the bitter bits.

I was cutting up some cucumbers for a dinner party when my sister pointed out that I was not cutting and rubbing the ends. There are some bitter varieties of cucumber that require you to do it – you slice a bit off the end and rub it against the cut till foam is seen, this draws the bitterness out of the cucumber. It had been a long time since I had encountered such a variety so I had started skipping that part. 

The next day, during lunch, I happened to bite into a bitter piece of cucumber left over from  dinner. I grimaced as I looked across to my sister and told her it was bitter. She said "Yes, I ate a bitter piece last night then I started to eat all the ones next to it so no one else would get a bitter one. I guess this one escaped"

She wanted to make sure none of my guests ate a bitter piece. Now that is what I called true love.

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