Monday, April 11, 2011

I played and got forked

When you play with your kids, you play with your kids. You tone it down and be less competitive. You let them win most of the times and make them lose sometimes (so they know how to lose and also believe you play fair). This is what I did for years. I looked away when I knew rent had to be paid in Monopoly or when I could kill in Ludo.

A few years back I played chess with Ankit. He was learning and it was a long fun game where I overlooked how the knight moved and did not checkmate him on many a turn. 

Then we came to India and he started to like chess. It seems they play it a lot at school and he loves it a lot. He even joined a neighborhood club with a chess teacher.

Today I played chess with Ankit. To justify what happened next I must say - I had my cup of tea and was distracted. And I was playing with my kid. Yes, he took classes and all but he was my kid. I had my defenses down. We started and within minutes I was kicked in the guts or as I learnt the right chess word - "forked". It did not take long, it was a very quick game – I was checkmated before I knew it. 

There was no sympathy moves for poor mom. No, awww she has not played for a long time. No, aww she is not part of a chess club. It was quick but painful. I was so forked.

Tomorrow I will play again. The chances I'll be forked are pretty high but I am going to give it a fight. The kid gloves are off.

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