Sunday, May 1, 2011

Twitter and Facebook Updates on hearing the Osama news - Part I

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On Twitter:
NZAfro Adam Hendra : R.I.P Osama Bin Laden - World Hide And Go Seek Champion (2001 - 2011)

anon: "when obama said he had better things to do then show his birth certificate ..."

CareenQuinn: Never seen Twitter explode like this. If Hell exists, Osama has stolen Charlie Sheen's crown.

tobyclick‎ And in his final act of terrorism, Osama bin Laden simultaneously blows up Facebook and Twitter.

jesus: Sorry, you're at the wrong gate, Osama.

garywhitta: Obama destroys Trump over dinner on Saturday, kills Osama on Sunday... presidenting like a boss!

zxch: 5/1, 1945 Hitler confirmed dead. 5/1, 2011 Osama confirmed dead. 66 year difference on 5/1. 5+1=6. 666

shanetallant: "Well, I think it's much hotter than 100 where Osama is.". 

HaHaWhitePPL: Looks like Osama Bin Laden signed up for Foursquare on the wrong day.

darkskin: Osama was minding his own business, drinking his super latte and his homeboy checked into facebook. "With Osama Bin Laden at Starbucks".

JellyAKABoWife: #onlywhitepeople run out to stand outside the white house to celebrate after hearin Osama was killed. Idiots go HOME be4 u become a victim

 Jason_Long: Osama Bin Laden's Compound Already Mapped on Google-

rckgot1twatchin: Chuck Norris, Jack Bauer, and The A-Team made up the Black Ops team that killed Osama. Lol. That's Hilarious!

 MarcusamDope: why Osama got killed on the First of the month. Dude Was Waitin on that Check

 NotChrisRock: Osama Bin Laden is in VIP in Hell. He didn't have to wait on line to get in or anything. He went up to Hitler like "Anybody sitting here?"

 mrtonymartin: There goes that 'Quiet Word with Osama bin Laden' episode we were working on.

 MadeaSimmons_: Hold up u got to be kidding me osama been hiding in a big ass mansion for 10 years i thought he was in a hole somewhere eating SANDWICHES

 OffensiveShit: I bet Osama Bin Laden accidentally hit the "Add your location" button during his last tweet.

 CoryMoldenhauer: Osama's probably chillin in his cave right now watching CNN on his iPad 3 laughing at how stupid we are..

 FakingNews: This is worrying. Even Osama Bin Laden is not safe in Pakistan.

 JovatoNerd: "I have lived through death of Michael Jackson, first black president, Royal Wedding & now Osama's death. My life's a ****** history book."

neobluepanther‎ Good to see that Twitter has managed not to crash during the whole Osama killing episode.

eddieifft‎ I really don't think Osama would have planned 9-11 if he'd known how many jokes would be on twitter about his death one day.

RicardoC007: I need to start on this homework im cracking up way too much on these osama jokes

Anand Prakash:  Among other news, Chuck Norris returns from Pakistan. :p

Dipanwita SarkarWhile the world was watching the Royal Wedding, Obama was getting some work done.

Peeyush RanjanWonder if Osama was using an iPhone, and didn't know it was tracking his location...

Suchandra Dutta Roy
A wedding followed by a funeral...kinda reminds me of "4 weddings and a funeral". Somebody was asking whether Osama had his guard down as he was too busy watching the Royal Wedding?

Vertikaa ✫✫ SinghNo matter what President Obama says, Donald Trump will not believe Osama Bin Laden's dead until he sees the death certificate !

Anshu Sharma
Good that Osama is dead! (But I hear that Donald Trump wants his birth and death certificates...)

Vishwa Ranjan
Osama meet Satan...Satan meet Osama

Stephen HouchenYeah right! I want to see the long form death certificate!
                   Rajmohan Rajagopalan Obama kills Osama. Trump is trumped.

Kelly Tansinglove the Xfinity ad right in the middle of Obama's speech on Bin Laden's death, that would have cost more than a Superbowl commercial.

Mohit Talwar
Spontaneous applause on the Virgin flight down to SFO... It's a wonderful moment!

Shelly Kamran
Now that Bin Laden is no longer, do we get tomorrow (Monday) off? just sayin!

Rob Watts
I'm glad he's dead, but its hard to get excited because there are 10 more just like him. Well done to all those "ghosts" involved.

Riona MacNamara
via Jacqueline Ryall: "I've never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure" - Mark Twain

Riona MacNamara
I hope those 72 virgins totally aren't virgins at all.

           Chris Lang I hope they're not even human. Or even androids.

           Nish Thakkar Nowhere did it state that the virgins were female.

Suchandra Dutta Roy Another one on Twitter: Going by the scenes in the US looks like the Yanks finally know what winning the World Cup meant to India.

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