Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I was gone for two weeks and he grew up two years.

Ankit was behaving like a eleven year old ( most of the time) when I left from my two week trip. I returned expecting a eleven year old.

I showed a photo of mine to Ankit. He looked at it and said - "I saw it on Facebook." "You are a lot on Facebook", I commented. "Mom, I am almost a teenager what do you expect?" was a quick reply.

Later I was making him a grilled cheese sandwich. Ashvin made some smart comment and ran out of the kitchen. "I wonder where that monkey came from" I sighed. Ankit smiled, "I have a good comeback for that mummy, I would have said it to my friends but you are my mom... and you are cooking me a sandwich"

With the sandwich in hand we were watching TV and I commented on an Indian actor - Salman Khan - and how he has been in the industry for a long time. Ankit said - "Back in my time we had his movies too."  It made me laugh.

In the two weeks I was gone he grew up two inches and a whole generation. I have comeback to a preteen.


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