Friday, January 20, 2012

Justifying India with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

I met an interesting woman today. We discussed expats that hate India and those that love it here. Then she mentioned that she had a hearing aid on and has volunteered in schools for the hearing impaired. With my limited knowledge of such schools I said it is great she did that and it is great such schools were become accessible in India. She had lots of good things to say but then she mentioned something that is unthinkable for most of us parents – “They keep the hearing aids at school” she said. “The children are not allowed to take them home. “

“But, that means they can’t hear once they go home?”

“Yes” she said. “But what can the schools do? Many parents sell the hearing aids.”

It is hard to believe that you would sell off your childs ability to hear.

It got me thinking about all the other things that I have found hard to believe there. I won’t list them here but they are far worse than selling your child’s hearing aid.

It also got me thinking of all the things I can’t believe people don’t try to change - the trash thrown around, respect for public and other’s property, respect for other humans and animals.

So, I read a bit and thought a bit and they only way I can try to understand it is by looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and expanding the orange part to fill most of the triangle. Most of the country is struggling to ensure they have enough food and a piece of land to call home. Those that rise above it want to leave something better for their immediate family. Respect, landscaping, wanting to do good onto others is something only a few can afford.

Once again I cannot justify selling a child’s hearing aid or sending your eight year old to be a domestic help in someones house but then I have not had to feed, clothe and manage my family for less than $2 a day.


  1. Were you at Forum value by any chance last evening ? Thought I saw someone who looked a lot like you there :)

    1. I think I was there :) Small world.

  2. hmm.Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs makes a intresting reads.
    I feel one way to keep things clean is to have gated communities...
    It perhaps will help in keeping our place cleaner...It sounds dumb,but I feel its worth trying.

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