Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not being the change I want to see.

I have a panipuri guy. Amongst the many panipuri stalls that I pass on a regular basis he has become our favorite. He asks and customizes the spice level for us. He hands Ashvin as many empty panipuris as he can eat. He is our panipuriwala so when I saw a different guy at his spot I was sad. However much to our delight a few days ago we ran into him again.
He had started his own business he said so he had to find a new spot. Happy to find him we took the little bowls made of leaves and enjoyed the spicy water filled delights. When done I smiled/snickered as I noticed that his new spot was right next to a drainage ditch. The ditch had enough rubbish thrown into it that I didn’t give it a second thought and threw my ‘biodegradable’ bowl into it. Nice spot I thought, he has a trash can right behind him. And then I heard him. “ Ma'am here is the dustbin.”  He had a bucket next to him to collect the trash.
When I first came here I would have thought twice before throwing anything anywhere – regardless of the fact that others had done it. I am embarrassed to say a year and half here and I am being reprimanded by a pani-puri guy.


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