Saturday, June 4, 2011

Easy like Sunday Morning.

For the longest time I thought the song went "Love you like Sunday Morning" It made sense to me. Made sense that you would love Sunday mornings. Personally I thought Saturday mornings were better as you had Sunday to look forward to but I was willing to agree with loving Sunday mornings. Now for the easy part...easy like Sunday morning... that was a little harder to agree with especially when there are two kids in the house. Love and wonder fill the place but easy is a hard word to swallow.

Today was a little different from most Sunday mornings. I did not wake up in bed with Ashvin cooing at me. He coos before he claws. I woke up with Ankit snuggling upto me. In the game of 
musical beds I had ended up in Ankit's room. It was nine in the morning. Two hours past Ashvin's pick me up time so I sneaked back into the bedroom to find father and son both asleep. Ashvin was upside-down- his head towards the foot of the bed - but fast asleep. It did seem easy...a nice easy Sunday morning.

Ankit and I snuck downstairs but then I heard Ashvin. I ran upstairs and saw him holding onto the headboard, bouncing himself, overjoyed that he was awake. He saw me and clambered over his dad to reach me. Ankit arrived and there was even more clambering and excitement. Somewhere along the way the keyboards were turned on and multi layers of unsynchronized music was played by the older one and joyfully appreciated by the younger one. I tried to find a pillow to put over my head.

"Are you three going down or do I have to really wake up?" It was past ten so I wondered why the want to sleep was still there. I am the sleepy one in this house and I had slept enough and I was already awake so why was the dad not awake and chirpy. It was way into Sunday morning. A nice easy Sunday morning. "Ashvin, woke up at seven and tried to dig my ears for an hour till I got him back to sleep" I knew that feeling. Full of love but not easy, never easy. That is why the song always plays "Love you like Sunday morning" in my head.

Reposted from a year back.