Friday, June 10, 2011

Adventures on an auto - a smack for an eraser.

I could write a whole blog on this. Things that happen in and around autos - the three wheeled tuk-tuk, rikkis - that navigate precariously through traffic in Indian cities. Stories to do with bargaining to get the right price for a ride, stories of those that cheated me and those that were nicer to me than you can imagine. Today's episode has some action in it - where people smacked and all.

I was on my way home - writing a note on my phone to ensure I took a cap with me for my next auto ride as my hair was going crazy - when the auto driver swerved and pulled in front of a bus that had just stopped. He jumped out and without a word went into the bus. I was sure there was going to be a fight. The bus driver must have been driving too close or something like that. However, I saw him make his way to the back of the bus, shout in Kannada and smack three boys on their backs. They cowered down. More Kannada scolding and he came back. I kept shut.

The sullen driver.
There was still a long ride home and once his temper cooled down he told me the story. The three kids had been trying to get my attention ( things you do on the way home from school) from the bus for quite some time. When I didn't notice they started to throw things. An eraser (luckily for me and oh so unluckily for them) hit the auto driver. It seems a few good smack is what you get for hitting people with erasers here. There were no cops called, not random mitigation. Street Justice. A few good smacks.

I sure would not have given them a beating myself  but I did not feel bad for what they got. This is what you get for being mischievous and not paying attention in your physics class - their aim was pretty lousy.


  1. Love it. Btw where you returning from getting your nails done or a haircut?