Friday, June 10, 2011

I get my nails done before my treks.

I lied today. When a hiking buddy asked me what I had done this morning I coughed and said something that sounded like gym. I had been out at the spa getting a pedicure.

In a cave in Utah. Solo night. All alone.
Yes, there is a shiny pin in my hair.
On hearing that I was going for a week long trek with an outdoor survival school, a guy at work pointedly looked at my heels and said "I did not take you for the hiking types" 

I enjoy being a women. Getting my nails done and all sort of wraps being put all over me. I feel so pretty and happy after a good haircut. I love dressing up and going for parties. I absolutely love high heels.

I also love trekking and camping. Biking and kayaking are fun to me. I can go for days without a bath in the wilderness and wear the same two set of clothes with ease for weeks. I actually enjoy roughing it out. Eating out of a  cup while coming up with a plan to dry my only pair of shoes does not freak me out.

I love both equally and indulge in both equally. But it does seem strange to people on either side of the camp - to understand the hiking types that likes to get her nails done before a trek. So, every now and then you hear me cough and say gym for spa, beach for hike and things of that nature. I know not to hike in heels so I guess I am doing ok.

P.S: It is a bad idea to get a pedicure before a trek - it removes the callouses and leaves you susceptible to blisters. However, getting your nails filed short is a good idea. 
(Women) If you do get them painted pretty then it does add to feeling little civilized when you wash your feet in some stream.

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  1. You are amazing. I am so with you on that, it's so true.