Thursday, June 23, 2011

Going ParaGliding. Pre-Booking Excitement

I want to go paragliding. I have seen people do it. I have met people who do it. It was not something I wanted to do growing up, I actually never thought about it. I was not one of those people that wanted to be like a bird or anything. I was kinda happy parked on the ground and flying in planes. I never discounted it either as I never gave it much thought.

It is 4am and now I can barely contain my excitement about it. I have found the people I want to do my first tandem jump with and am waiting for their office to open so I can call them. Since I decided that I will do this next week I have closed my eyes a few too many times. I picture myself on the mountain ready for takeoff. I see myself running and reaching the edge. Then I get the funny feeling in my stomach - the kind you do just before a rollercoaster starts. This nervous excitement causes me to open my eyes and I always find a big smile on my face. Give it a shot, close your eyes and imagine the whole thing.

I had considered doing this in Bangalore on my return from US but there is a place 15 minutes from where I am staying - so I am going to give them a try. If all goes well them I’ll try it in Bangalore too. So between now and the next blog on it I know for sure I am going to be nervous, excited but above all smiling a lot.


  1. Hey, you'll do great. Waiting to read abt the experience.