Sunday, August 14, 2011

Adventures on an auto - dropped my iphone 4 in one.

Ankit and I came back from a hike today. The bus dropped us at Wind Tunnel Road and our plan was to get an auto home from there. I called home to confirm our plans and we picked up a little snack - roasted corn on the cob - before getting an auto. The fare was negotiated to a meter plus twenty but I am past that at the moment.

We ate our corn and some twenty minutes later were home. Some twenty minutes after that I realized that my phone was missing. My phone with all my contacts, with photos from the trip today, my iphone that would be hard to replace was nowhere to be found.

We searched high and low for it and then I succumbed to the realization that I dropped it in or out of the auto. "Now that it is in an auto then it is gone, there is no way to get it" Lalita - our housekeeper - sadly told me. I picked up the home phone and called my number. No reply. Peeyush called it. No reply. In my head I wishfully could imagine an autowala wondering how to answer the call. I also hoped that the ease of use of an iphone might help him answer it.

When I had called home my phone was at 5% charge so I was scared of ringing it too many times but that is all I could do - call it. And call it again. On the fifth try the autowalla picked up. Excited but scared of the battery dying I hurriedly asked him to bring it to our place.

For the next five minutes I could hardly contain my excitement and nervousness. What if he got distracted by another fare? What if he realized how much the phone was actually worth?

The autowala showed up and gave me the phone. He seemed to be as excited about returning it to me as I was to get it. I tipped him generously.  He told me I was lucky as two other passengers got in after me and noone saw the phone. I was so caught up in the emotions that I did not ask his name. I did not get the auto number. He might not have realized what he had - I do have a cute but kiddish hello kitty cover on my phone :) but he bought it back to me. For this evening he is my hero and I am glad that an iphone is as intuitive as it is.


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