Monday, August 8, 2011

Claytopia review– a place to make memories.

I have made four trips to Claytopia so far and everytime I like it even more. The first was to check it out for a birthday party. I ended up looking around and eating at their bistro making a mental note to return. The next three trips of mine were with the kids.

Claytopia Bistro in Indiranagar is in their words:

A fun place to hang out and have good food, while indulging your creativity. The Bistro is attached to Studio Claytopia, a "Paint your own pottery" studio.You can paint on white bisque ware,which is the base required for you to color your ceramic ware. Once you choose from the various molds we have, we provide you with the colors, brushes, palettes, stencils, stamps, books etc. to color with; you can sit all day and paint. After this we glaze it and fire it to 1100 degrees Celsius and return it to you in 10 days. Your masterpiece is ready!
You can do this while indulging in our delicious food, like burgers, pastas, sandwiches, subs, salads, soups, all day breakfast, waffles, pancakes, desserts, coffees and more.... 

There are many ceramic pieces to choose from – little show pieces to utilitarian things like trays, plates, cups, vases etc. The price for the pieces ranges from Rs 250 up and is inclusive of paint, glazing etc. For the first two visits I let the kids choose whatever they wanted but now I have a rule – you have to choose something you can use. I can only have so many dinosaurs and rabbits around the house.
Table all setup.
Once you choose a piece you get to choose four colours per piece (you are allowed to share colours so the more people you have the more colours you have). They have tables indoors, outside and even at their bistro and you decide where to sit. The paper covered table is ladened with paint brushes, stencils, and design books to help unleash your creativity. Beautifully painted ceramics decorate the walls and even the trees around you. The ambience, inspiration and material are all there for you.

I have only been there during weekdays so I can’t vouch for busy weekends or times when there are birthday parties but we had all the time we needed. Enough time that I went through two cups of coffee and ordered snacks for the kids as they carefully worked on their masterpieces.
Soup, pasta, shakes to help the artist work.
Pretty coffee for the mom.

Quick note on the food – I love their burgers – spicy chicken one and coffee. The children gobbled up the cheese toast and pasta. While I was delighted to see thukpa ( tibetian noodle soup) on their menu I must say it was a disappointment but their ores milkshake (so so good) more than made up for it.

Once the painting and eating is done the pieces are taken away for drying and glazing. The process takes ten days so you have to come back to pick up the pieces and if you are like us you end up painting another piece and the cycle continues J
So all in all it is not cheap. With food and ceramic pieces you end up paying around Rs  400 - 500 per person but you do end up with a full stomach, an afternoon of fun and a maybe an artistic but for sure a personalized cup, plate, paper weight of some sort.
An afternoons worth of work.

The best part is once you are done you can walk around and see all the pieces waiting to be collected. In nooks and shelves piled high. They are not delicate. They are not out of design books. They are not the kind that decorate the walls. But they are just like yours. Little smudged, little chaotic, very imperfect but under the glaze you see it – an afternoon of fun.

318, 6th Main
HAL 2nd Stage
Indiranagar, Bangalore 560 038

Tel: 080 412 67163
Free home delivery no: 080 41323394


Options and Price List for Birthday Parties:

Part of Bistro
Tiles decorate the entrance.