Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wonder La - where else...

Where else do you have a water park but no swimsuits? No, I do not mean naked people and I do consider the top-to-toe leotards seen in the Atlantis at Dubai a form of swimsuit. At Wonder La, Bangalore where else ?? J

Plenty of women in salwar kameej, saris and capris. Most men were in tank tops and shorts, or TShirts ( one said “Killer Girl” on it – which is different from “Girl Killer”) and shorts but I did see two in their boxers – like underwear boxer shorts – and I did wish they were in some shorts.

 Where else do you have a wave pool with a divider in it? One side for women and children and another for men. Women were allowed in the ‘men’ side but there was no vice versa reciprocal allowed. In my attempt to go see what Ankit was upto in the far far end of the men side I quickly realized the reason for the division.

Where else is Ashvin asked his name and says “It is Ashvin only” as this is the twentieth time someone had asked him that and then pinched his cheeks.

It was interesting to see a water park very different from the ones I have been to in the US and other places. The place was clean and had really good well maintained rides. The food and drinks were cheap and plenty. The clothes threw me off for a bit but to each their own - you don't need a swimsuit to have fun :). The 'bad' parts were where people cut in line in front of you and poked their head in the changing locker to ask if you were done but you learn to deal with that really fast - don't leave space in front of you and keep a hand on the changing room curtain. Adaptability I call it.

Besides the modesty in clothes and some un-modesty in the men's side of the wave pool Wonder La was extremely fun. The six of us enjoyed it and made multiple plans for returning.


Coming soon - a review with more pictures and details about the park,


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  2. I missed it :(. Glad you had fun.