Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not an artist but a mom for sure.

Ankit is growing up. Not quite a kid. Not quite a grown up. A preteen. He is not always sure of what he wants. Not sure if he is happy or not. Not sure if he wants to give in and enjoy the moment like his four year old brother is doing or hold back and be all adult like about it. Our trip to Claytopia had all these elements. He was not hungry and he did not want to paint any of the ceramic pieces. He, as he put it, was not sad but just did not want to do anything.

My ceramic painting rule is that they paint things they will use; I am not getting another half painted dinosaur. Ashvin picked up a bowl and within a few minutes the kid in Ankit peeked out and he chose a plate. Then the adult in Ankit emerged as he looked at the design book and chose a complicated sponge design to replicate.

While Ashvin made little spots and stripes Ankit sponged and labored on an orange and yellow background. It looked good. Then he went extra creative and made some blue dots. The paint ran and smudged and that did not look too good. And the sulky preteen monster that seems to be constantly lurking around kicked in.

So, I did what mothers do - especially when terrified by a prospective sulking preteen - came up with a way to salvage it. We were going to draw sea creatures out of the blue blobs. That was what I suggested and was met with a ‘whatever’ look.

It started with fishes. Then slightly amused and beginning to smile Ankit suggested a turtle. I managed to draw one. Then I snuck in an octopus. It had like a “Hey Dude, what’s up” look and this made both of us break out laughing. A weird oyster was added and I had to google a shrimp image before the plate was complete.

The plate here is proof that I am not an artist of any sort. I wish I had a photo of Ankit and me cracking up at the octopus cause that is proof enough that I am a mom. 


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