Monday, March 28, 2011

Finding an expat house in Whitefield – the communities

We visited Bangalore last March to look for a place to stay for the next two years. We had a relocation specialist to help us. We looked at houses in Whitefield and Indranagar then at some flats around Taj Westend before we settled on Palm Meadows.

There are many options for houses and flats in Whitefield. We narrowed down on these communities based on our criteria . We looked at houses in -

Open floor plan in a house in
Prestige Bouginvilla
Prestige Ozone: The community was nice but the houses were not big enough for what we wanted. Its location is good (in Whitefiled but walking distance to Forum Value Mall) and some of the houses are nice. It has a pretty decent club house.

Prestige Bougainvillea: Some houses in the community are very nice. Spacious and beautiful but to get to a main road is a long walk. If you don't have a car on hand you will find it a pain to walk out to get an auto or bus. Also the houses are clustered together too much so you look at 3-5 houses from your villa.

Chaitanya Armadale: The houses looked nicer on their website. The concept is nice and it is right next to the mall on a main road but the houses are old inside and the ones we saw needed some renovations.

Palm Meadows palm lined streets
Chaitanya OakVille: One of my favourite – spanking new community of some sixteen houses. Very modern floor plan with a small pool and gym. Problem – sixteen house and no club house. Now it is occupied 80% but when we were looking we would be the second people to move in. Not something good for the kids.

Adarsh Palm Retreat: This will be the community to live in in a couple of years but in 2010 there was too much construction going on for us to consider moving in. Construction mean noise and lots of people around not sane or safe for kids. Their club house was also not ready but does look good in plans and promises to make this a sought after community to live in soon.

Beautiful Bathroom in a house in Epsilon.
Total Environments – WindMills of Your Mind : Another beautiful community under construction. This will be a nice place to live in in a few years but was/is not ready for renters. The houses are very modern and sleek. Villas have pools and very open floor plans.

Epsilon: very expensive and my favorite for its beautiful individual houses. The houses vary in the appearance and interiors and are amongst the most beautiful houses I have seen in India. Some have very modern interiors and impressive bathrooms. This is a community I would have loved to live in. Minus points were – club house and the community seems more grown up centric than kid centric, very expensive and very few options were available when we looked.

Palm Meadows: With over 500 houses this is a huge community. This is usually a turn off for me but when you are moving countries it is good to find a place with lots of people, your chances of finding a few you click with are greatly increased. It has an amazing club house – with four pools, a gym, tennis and badminton courts – basically you feel like you are in a resort when you visit it. It is also an older well settled community – the kinks have been ironed out so you don't have to figure most things out. There is a supermarket with Indian and foreign grocery, Namdhari fresh – for veggies, a DVD rental store,a dry cleaning store and ATM.


  1. If this blog is aimed at reaching out to friends, then it makes fine reading.
    If you are trying to reach out to the population that is relocating to Bangalore from US, I would've expected it to be more 'user friendly'. More similar to the approach used for hotels and sub-divisions in US.
    For a person who has been in Microsoft for 10yrs and lived in this part of the world I would've expected a listing of short-listed sub-divisions/ communities and a check-list as done in the US. It gives a more objective and unbiased approach for one to weigh the options available.
    As I mentioned earlier the blog appears to be more of yet another expat tom-toming his/her "I’ve made it in life"....ugggh!! Grow up!!
    I am not living in India (very much frm your part of the world) & am not bringing it up coz it is a case of sour grapes. I am sparing you a lot more flak, which can come your way if you tickle me any further.
    Welcome home, nevertheless!

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