Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Goa - Madam, See, Like, Buy.

Things I learnt about Goa this weekend (on a no kids weekend with Peeyush)

Cows on the beach, ignoring the humans.

Goa, the beaches at least, is open for all. From the attractive topless lady, to the scary dude in a g-string, from the aunty in her salwar kameej to the uncle in his speedos sitting with a mug of beer in the waves. Yes, it is open to cows too.

Cats chilling on a wall near Anjuna Beach at 11am.

Very few people are up and about before 2pm. This includes animals. Everyone, however, seems to be up at 3am – it is the most happening town in India at 3am.

The Goan waters have a skyline at night. It seems that ships don't pay for permits but anchor in International waters in a row. Little boats carry stuff to them so they are exempt from paperwork and taxes. Well, they turn on their lights at night and you almost think there is a city out there.

You cannot keep saying a little prayer or making a cross everytime you pass a church, not in Goa, your hands will hurts and you will run out of prayers. Every second house seems to be a church.

Yes, we were there, down down there.

Strangers on a boat have a tough time using your camera. Resulting is really sad shots of your first para-sailing experience.


  1. LOL people always screwup taking pictures. These days everyone has a digi cam, yet I see people looking through the lens instead of the display screen! :D

  2. LOL @ the beach pic and description.
    The cats are so cute, you should lol-cat it.