Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I kill at night and I enjoy it

His ears are looking exceptionally big due to my bad
 shot and also due to the mosquito bite. I kill for him.
I switched the fan off. It was hot but the swirling wind would not let it settle in a place long enough. Also the whirring of the fan made it hard for me to hear it. The still fresh red swelling on Ashvin's ear was a clear indication of its presence. Like every night I was puzzled by a lone mosquito making it past the netted window into our bedroom. Puzzled is always my first reaction to it, almost as if I do not want to believe or acknowledge its presence. 

Then strategizing starts.

With the fan off, I present some bare flesh for it to land on. My left arm is the fleshy choice of the day.
 Then I listen and watch and wait. It is usually not long for a creature with a brain that tiny to give in and come whirling along. What is surprising for its brain size - its swift reaction time.
On a good night I can kill one in midair – before it lands on me. Today is a bad night and it darts away as I smack myself nice and hard – again and again. I see it flying away, towards a wall. I jump off the bed and follow it. It lands on the wall and I smack it. I smack it harder than I smacked my arm. A spot of blood on my hand - mine and Ashvin's I think, a little creeped out – is a vibrant sign of success. I switch the fan on as I go to wash my hand. The hunt is over and I feel satisfied, victorious, and very pleased with the amazing mosquito killer I am.


  1. Very nice and interesting posts on your blog Mallika. Thank you for visiting mine.

  2. U get a racquet kind of stuff for killing mosquitoes in the market.Buy those,u need to to sweep around and hear the crackling sound,once the mosquito is killed.Don't whack yourself.

  3. Hey! The mosquito racquet is very useful...you find that in the signals around here.