Monday, March 21, 2011

Take a trip - things I learnt last Thursday

Listening to soda bubbles in a beat up cab.
Kids really don’t care if they are travelling first class or third class (on a train or bus) – they find a spot to sit and enjoy whatever goes on. Adults care a lot about these things.

You pay a fine for not having a print out of your e-ticket on an Indian train.

A bus conductor can say he gave you change back and you cannot prove otherwise. So, don’t leave change with him till end of the bus ride.

When you are upset do not post on facebook using your mobile. There is no way to delete or edit your post. And typos can cause very bad words to show up in your status.

Pineapples grow above the ground – I guess I should have taken the tour in Hawaii.

People are nice. Nicer than we give them credit for. Maybe it is people in villages but I have decided that people are nice (except that bus conductor)

Don't order mushroom soup in a place that advertises "Cremy mushroon soup". The waiter was rather surprised that I was disgusted by the sweet milky soup. He said I should have asked for the salty version !!!!
A bridge on the way to the pineapple farm.
You should not pay to cross dodgy bridges ( like the capalliano bridge vancouver). Your local village is likely to have scarier things.

And lastly I need to get out and about more. The world is just amazing.


  1. Yes, actually, thing I leant in my last trip. Kids don't even care about public restrooms. My daughter actually looked forward to responding to her calls of nature in nature (i.e streets of cities in India), and was looking to do the same when she got back to the US, until I had c chat with her :)

  2. beautiful..lovely post, listening to soda bubbles in a beat up cab..just love that.

  3. you so make me want to take a trip to india with noor. hey!! don't stop the iphone posts, how will i pick on you then? some people are nice, not all.

  4. Love the post (nothing new in that)and absolutely love the picture:)He's a cutie!

  5. I prefer not posting any sad status on fb as it will only leave u a bad feeling :) Good post. Like the way you look at people and things.

  6. I keep recollecting "Cremy mushroon soup" and keep funny!