Monday, March 7, 2011

Living in India and shopping in the US

Peeyush is embarking on another US trip shortly and once again we are working on our shopping list. Most of it is ordered online on Amazon, the rest comes from Costco, Trader Joes and the mall. Over the last eight months we have had some five US trips and I notice our shopping list getting smaller and smaller. Earlier food ( cereal, mac and cheese, pancake mix) was a big ask - from kids and us - but over time we have found Indian equivalent of things we like. Now lucky charms and other high sugar cereals are bought as treats. Reminds me of the time when people would visit us in Seattle and bring Indian sweets and snacks. It felt like tasting home. That is what lucky charms and fruit roll ups taste like to Ankit and Ashvin.
I thought I'd share the list out and reasons for getting some things from the US.

Electronics and Games (don't get them here)
Iphone 4 and its accessories
Ipad2 (top of the list actually)
Cables for TVs - to hook up apple TV and Google TV to Indian TV :)
Specially requested Lego sets
Leapster Explorer game inserts

Food that we like
Cannot get in India - 
KIND PLUS, Mango Macadamia bars
 Pure Protein High Protein Bar
Turkey Jerky
Agave Nectar
Sprinkle for cookies and cakes
Some Kids Candy - pixie sticks, fruit roll ups.

Can find but is freaking expensive (upto 5x the original price - a box of $2.50 lucky charms is $11 here)
Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard, Double Rich Chocolate
Lucky Charms Cereal
Cheerios - US not Indian. Indian one is too sweet.
Organic pancake and waffle mix
Maple Syrup
Nuts ( almonds, walnuts, pecan) - we just prefer the US ones.

Medicine and toiletries - we have not switched over to cold and fever medicine or multivitamins in India yet. Just comfortable and hooked into Nyquil and tylenol :)
Children's tylenol
Gummy Bear Vitamins
Flosser Snap-on Heads
Replacement heads for sonic care toothbrush

Things I wish I could bring over ( have not found ones that I liked here yet)
Paper Towels for the kitchen
Toilet Paper
Few pieces of furniture - bookshelves and simple chairs for the living area.
Kids outdoor play area
Nice hanging flower pots

Besides these we still buy some clothes and accessories on our trips there. A few - like hiking boots - cause you cannot get them here but a few just cause we know the shops and used to their style more but overall you get everything else here - once you figure our where.


  1. Honey, I am still a regular buyer from Macy's in NY :) :) Get my stuff shipped to HK....many things actually work out cheaper for me, after the shipping as well. Macy's, Victoria's secret, Amazon, bed ,bath and beyond :) :) These follow you no matter where you go :)

  2. I am curious to see how (and if) the list will trim down over the next few years. Blog about it going forward too :-)