Friday, March 11, 2011

I like brown and no I don't want to be bleached.

The whitening creams make you white - instantly.
Like chalk on your face white. Looks more white in person.
 Once in a park in Sammamish a little boy walked up to me and asked me who I was. Ankit was in the park so I pointed to him and said “His mom.” The little boy was not convinced. “You can’t be. He is white and you are black” he said. Black. Hmm. I was brown, not black, but to give due credit to him - in that park I was the blackest person.

 Bleaching is the Indian equivalent of tanning in the US. It is rather popular in India but bleach? Me? I could have digested this offer in the park in Sammamish where I stood black in the very white park. In the parlor where I was the white person, I sat startled and amused.

No, I did not get my face bleached (maybe near Halloween if Michael Jackson is still hep this year) but between the bleach offer, and constant skin lightening commercials on TV and that little boy's comment in the park I have been feeling rather dark brown these days. The good part is I love dark brown. I love all shades of brown. Black and White too.


It is interesting how skin color preference differs between India and the US. I don't think there is anything wrong as long there is no prejeduce associated with it. I have not seen a single tanning bed or "sun tan" parlor in India. While in the US I did not see one commercial for a skin lightening cream. The grass is always a shade better on the other side.

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  1. Its funny how colors are seen differently around the world. All through my childhood I was told I am dark...and things that I should apply to make it more fairer.
    When I moved to the US, it was more like a shock when people told me how they loved my color & really wished they looked like me! :D